Frequently Asked Questions About Pool Scouts

How often is service offered?

Ideally, we will service your pool weekly in order to maintain a family-ready, crystal clear pool.

Why do I need a seasonal service?

Many people don’t want to keep their pools open when they are not likely to be swimming or going away on a long vacation. At Pool Scouts, efficiency is important and we see the value in saving time and money by closing your pool when not in use. But you have to do it the right way. There’s a process to follow in order to open or close the pool in a way that keeps it primed and ready for swim ready weather. Our professional seasonal services will save you time and ensure a proper start or finish of the season.

What are the benefits of using a professional pool cleaning service vs. doing it myself?

Hiring an experienced contractor is beneficial, both for the health of your pool and your psyche! Pool Scouts can service your pool more safely with greater expertise, saving you time and money. Our full-service package furnishes all required chemicals, and because our Scouts are trained in managing hazardous materials and chemicals, you can relax knowing you won’t have to store or handle them yourself. Pool Scouts undergo a battery of training exercises in water testing, analysis and in balancing the chemical composition of your pool water. We share that expertise with you through digital, real-time water testing reports. We are equipped with the latest technology in pool cleaning, vacuuming, and water treatment to keep your outdoor oasis perfect. Your pool will always be prepared and swim- ready.

How much does it cost?

You can find pricing for other schedules and/or one-off services by clicking the “Request a Quote” button below, or on our home page.

Do you service commercial accounts?

Our primary focus and expertise is on residential pools. We do not service commercial pools.

Are you using dangerous chemicals?

Maintaining a pool necessarily requires the use of chemicals, which, if handled improperly, can pose a safety hazard. It’s best to have a trained Scout to safely handle them and ensure they work as intended. Our professional training ensures that every Scout understands how to measure and administer the precise timing and amount of chemical treatments required for each specific pool.